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Business Owner/International Spray Tan Stylist

Hello.. I'm Kim and I am the founder of Tanning Mythbusters.

I am passionate about spray tanning, a perfectionist at heart, and am always researching to make sure that I am giving my clients the most up-to-date information and best spray tan possible.

I was also the first person in Sydney to introduce 3D Tanning to the market, and am the inventor of the new 4DHD Spray Tanning Technique.

As an experienced Spray Tan Stylist (tanning now for over 12 years), completing over 30,000 spray tans, and most recently formulating and manufacturing my own spray tan solution range in 2015, I found a love for the "science" behind spray tanning.  I was always a bit of a science geek at school, so this is a natural progression back into my founding interests.

I hope to educate those in the spray tanning industry with different aspects of the science behind spray tanning.

This blog will contain "How To's", Educational Video's, Tanning Experiments and lots more.

I hope that you will enjoy the content I post up as much as I know I will enjoy researching and adding content to my blog.



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